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Dipartment of Economics and Finance

Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”

School of Economics

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Master of Science in Finance

Thesis titles

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» Thesis titles



Cairone Simone, "The inductive research of the change in decision-making of family business founder", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Genovese Jacopo, "The Growth of Reits Market in East Asia", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Gentile Cristina, "Measures of Asymmetric Information in Financial Markets", Advisor: Prof. Davide Pirino

Novikov Yurii, "What are the country specific factors that influence the foreign direct investment?", Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Renzetti Francesco "Empirical analysis on the phenomenon of delisting", Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Schiavo Edoardo, "Financial crisis, Buyout investments, and Corporate performance: the Italian case", Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Fu Yite, "The inductive research of the change in decision-making of family business founder", Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Vittiglio Emanuele, "Cointegration and trading opportunities: an empirical analysis" Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Rognone Lavinia, "Pricing interest rate derivatives in a negative yield environment", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Melone Alessandro, "Understanding and Forecasting Financial Market Volatility Over Long Horizons", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

D’Aria Marianna, "The Credit Valuation Adjustment: Regulation and Implementation", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Cesaroni Giulia, "Contingent Convertible Bonds – A Market-Conform Equity Derivative Model", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Carrozi Stefano, "Negative Rates in the SABR Model", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Bernardi Cristiano, "Four Moments Portfolio Optimization: an Empirical Test", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante


Almonte Stefania, "Assessing the predictive ability of financial variables through a mixed frequency approach: some evidence from the Italian case", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Baggia Douglas, "Succession Process In Family Owned Businesses in Honduras: Incorporating new young members", Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Barrano Salvatore, "The Implied volatility as a risk predictor: the case of Brexit", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Giacomazzi Consuelo, "Optimization of CFDs portfolio implementing SMA technique", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Moradi Hadi, "The Determinants and Investigating of CANSLIM Method Profitability for Evaluation of Tehran Stock Exchange Stocks", Advisor: Prof. Sandro Brunelli

Maino Andrea, "Time Varying Dependence and Panic Copula model for Risk Measurements", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Petrova Denitza,"On Psychological Barriers and Price Behaviors: Evidence from Eastern European Markets", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Riccardo Antonio, "Vector Heterogeneous Autoregressive Index Model: an application on NYSE mahjor Banks’assets", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Svetlomirova Biliana, "Cryptocurrency:Nature and Features", Advisor: Prof. Williams De Ascaniis

Verneau Guglielmo, "Loss Estimation in Structured Credit Products", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Taraborrelli Jessica, "The Management of A Real Estate Fund", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Scalia Roberto, "Forecasting Real Estate Prices", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Sardo Simone, "Sovereign CDS: how the default probability influence the market", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Santurelli Simone, "The impact of reputation on banks liquidity risk: a study of italian listed banks", Advisor: Prof.  Vincenzo Farina

Rinaldi Francesco, "Portfolio construction and valuation: machine learning techniques applied to quantitative trading system", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Procacci Pierfrancesco, "Flexible Bayesian Framework in Portfolio Construction: Entropy Pooling", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Petrilli Luka, "Undirected Graphs for Large Scale Portfolios of European Stocks", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Maino Andrea, "Behavioral risk modeling and Agency MBS valuation", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Luzzi Francesco, "News related to macroeconomic variable as risk factors on equity returns: evidence from Asian markets", Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Jiao Xuyang, "Are There Tournaments in Mutual Funds?", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Iasenzio Stefano, "A Vector Heterogeneous Autoregressive Index Model for Realized Volatility: some empirical results for European Equity Indexes", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Cortesini Alessandro, "Test on Fama French factor on Hong Kong Singapore and India stock market", Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Cordiner Lorenzo, "Statistical Arbitrage with Index Options: An Empirical Study of the European Option Market", Advisor: Prof.  Marianna Brunetti

Carnevali Laura, "An Empirical Analysis of the Italian attitude toward Mortagage Refinancing", Advisor: Prof.  Rocco Ciciretti

Avoli Alessandro, "The CDS spread and spread charge determinants in the US Market", Advisor: Prof.  Marianna Brunetti

Arnone Raffaella, "Econometric analysis of Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Di Cosmo Marco, "Calendar anomalies: Evidence from Real Estate Investment vehicles", Advisor: Prof.  Gianluca Mattarocci

Fortuna Alice, "Multiple bankin: the Italian case", Advisor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti

Korsaye Sofonias Alemu, "Artificial Neural Networks for Implied Volatility Surface: Construction and Dynamics", Advisor: Prof. Cesare Robotti

Romaniello Christian, "Central Couterparties: A numerical implementation of the default waterfall", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

De Michelis Francesco, "Technical Anlysis", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Torelli Edoardo, "Convexity Correction for Interest Rate Derivatives", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Aguilar Jauregui Catherine Stefany, "Sustainability and outreach trade-off of Microfinance Institutions in Peru", Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Bologni Enrico, "The effects of Microfinance on poverty reduction. The Case study of "Buen Vivir", Ecuador", Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Borzi Chiara, "Real Estate Factor Premium", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Brescia Mauro, "The optimal capital structure of the firm with taxes, bankruptcy costs and stochastic volatility", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Cavarretta Maria Chiara, "Power Options in the Italian electricity market: an assessment of their potential in managing risk for the Italian operators", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Cea Lorenzo, "A LIBOR Market Model with Multiple Curves", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

D’Orazio Gianpaolo, "Portfolio construction and empirical testing of Black Litterman model", Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Goudarzi Mostafa, "Dynamic Spillover Effect in Future Markets", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Leone Stefano, "ALM logics for Pension Funds", Advisor: Prof.Ugo Pomante

Principe Claudia, "Impact of International Cross-Listing on Stock Liquidity: Evidence from European Stock Exchanges", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Sajadi Zahra, "A review on the impact of venture capital on family businesses", Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Serafini Alberto, "Comparative analysis of socially responsible and traditional investments", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Turchetti Cristiano, "An affine term structure for European interbank risk", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Verico Marco, "Eccomi!. The App for one-to-one volunteerism. From idea generation to fundraising", Advisor: Prof. Williams De Ascaniis


Amiraslanov Farid, “A comparative analysis of the family business governance in UK, Canada and China”, Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Azzarelli Filippo, “The impact of corporate governance on capital structure”, Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Bernardo Giuseppe, “Lines of credit in corporate finance”, Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Colarossi Daniele, “Active management and returns dispersion”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Di Mario Alessio, “Prospectus content, investor attention and IPO first-day returns”, Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Ducci Lorenzo, “Estimating the probability of default with balance sheet information: an empirical analysis on US SMES during the last financial crisis”, Advisor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti

Febo Angelo W., “Liquidity, market impact and optimal trading strategies”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Formichella Valentina, “The credit value adjustment”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Giosi Pierluigi, “Pricing variance swap contracts”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Gomez Walter Alexandar, “Return based style analysis of globally invested flexible mutual funds”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Klimovich Sergey, “An analysis of co-integration of financial derivative markets in a worldwide perspective”, Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Li Yanjun, “Credit cycle and macroprudential policy”, Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Maccari Laura, “The creditworthiness evaluation through the rating system: an empirical application to the construction industry”, Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Malek Mohammadi M., “Portfolio optimization with parametric quadratic programming”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Mao Wenli, “The influence of venture capital on family governance system”, Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Mtengwa Nyashadzashe, “Impact investing: an advanced market capital allocation framework”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Piccirelli Alessia, “How diversification affects idiosyncratic and overall risk of open-end equity funds”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Quaranta Nicoletta, “CSR and idiosyncratic volatility”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Ranalli Giulia, “Minibond. What kind of issuers are SMES? Evidence from the financial statement analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Setaro Arianna, “Short term inflation density forecasting with a Bayesian Var”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Stragapede Michele, “Portfolio value at risk with jumps”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Strauss Magdalena, “A discussion of a matrix exponential model for spatially  correlated data”, Advisor: Prof. Maura Mezzetti

Tamburri Matteo, “A comparison of forecasting performances between random walk, Garch-m and Egarch-m”, Advisor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti

Totev Aleksandar, “Corporate ownership of American and German companies: a comparative analysis of dual-class shares. Market performance and tendencies”, Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Troiano Federica, “Labor market differences between natives and immigrants”, Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Tucci Simone, “The usefulness of the omega ratio in evaluating investment opportunities in the Greek Market, during the  crisis”, Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Viselli Gabriele, “The share of income from non-intermediation activities in the European cooperative Banks”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Wang Cizhi, “Case study in Wanda and Huawei, so that we can find some suggestion on shareholder structure and employees motivation”, Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan


Abbasov Farid, “Liqudity risk at Basel III”, Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Canori Alfredo, “Basel III: A new regulatory framework”, Advisor: Prof. Sandro Brunelli

Cesari Lorenzo, “ESG performance and financial performance of equity mutual funds”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Di Rocco Andrea, “Corporate social responsibility around the world”, Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina

Ficcadenti Valerio, “Inflation and growth: some empirical results from the European Union countries”, Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Trovato

Kelemen Iringo Anna, “Tactical asset allocation embedding with the Black-Litterman model’s views”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Kraujutaityte Faustina, “Competition among stock exchanges : comparison of listing regulations of singapore stock exchange and London stock exchange”, Advisor: Prof. Nicoletta Ciocca

Marcone Michela, “Stochastic methods for capital budgeting analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Roberto Monte

Norante Valentini Giulio, “Multinational companies and currency risk in the speculative attacks”, Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci

Petrini Francesco Maria, “From Bail-out to Bail-in: a new framework of rules", Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Petrongari Michael, “Future on Commodities: Agrex  – Agricultural Derivatives Exchange”, Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Rahimli Sarkhan, “Constant proportion portfolio insurance strategies and Related gap risk measures for processes with jumps and Applications”, Advisor: Prof. Sergio Scarlatti

Razi Bibi Alia, “The difference between the modern marketing management practices of family business”, Advisor: Prof. Luca Gnan

Recupero Silvia, “The Gold Pricing: Evidence from the Spot and the Future Gold Pricing”, Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Scalone Chiara, “Italian target maturity funds: investment style and performance analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti

Tallarida Tiziano, “Asset market microstructure: order book analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel


Bendziute Dovile, “Commercial and Investment Banking in Economies with Asymmetric Information”, Advisor: Prof. Eloisa Campioni

Cilla Edoardo, “Measuring and modelling the risk of liquidity”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Del Signore Piera, “Evaluating Density Forecasts for Financial Time Series”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Donato Ludovico, “Investor Sentiment and Asset Prices Can a protable trading strategy be devised from a Pessimism index?”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Girardi Alessio, “Investing in vice: An empirical study based on the U.S. market”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Grasso Adriana, “Dynamic portfolio strategies with liquidity costs”,* Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Haddad Khalil, “Financial Analysis: Different Parts and Their Usages”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Lamaj Erisa, “An overview of VaR. An application of Block Maxima method in risk management for heavy tailed stock returns”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Malatesta Fabrizio, “Ethical funds and liquidity risk”,* Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Mariotti Sara, “Pricing and hedging CDOs using copulas”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Oshafi Vesna, “Trading in secondary loan markets”, Advisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar

Sarcinelli Nicola, “Value creation through strategic diversification: the Fincantieri case”, Advisor: Prof. Sandro Brunelli

* judged "particularly relevant" in the contest of the prestigious Bank of Italy Prize "Giorgio Mortara", for the best thesis of the year


Capo Mariangela, “Managing risk exposures using the risk budgeting approach: the equal risk contribution portfolio construction and analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

D’Onofrio Rossella, “Pricing the Energy: the case of the European natural gas”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Flores Deborah, “A tactical asset allocation perspective applied to the black-litterman model”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Inglese Gabriele, “Home bias and new measures of bias in asset allocation”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Lautizi Francesco, “Empirical estimates of pricing kernel and risk aversion”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Manenti Dario, “Flexible funds: strategies and performances”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Pavana Marco, “Mutual fund performance: active versus passive management”, Advisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante

Sangrigoli Dario, “The evolution of the finance-growth nexus: past studies and new perspectives”, Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Santorelli Giulio, “Demographic structure and asset returns: A new prospective from international data”, Advisor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti


Cassetti Sante, “Sequential conditional Correlation”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Santangelo Daniela, “The Goldman Sachs event and SRI funds”, Advisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti


Formica Francesco, “Basel III and its potential impact on global banks”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Caiazza

Periotto Marco, “Provate equity and venture  capital market in Italy: performances and potential development”, Advisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina


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