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Free Courses in Business Finance


The Definitive Guide to Business

The Definitive Guide to Business

10 business classes you can take online for free

In 2018, the average salary for a recent business school graduate will be roughly $150,000 , according to The Financial Times.

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

Course description: “Learn the principles of machine learning and the importance of algorithms.”

Developed by: Columbia University

Instructor: David Blei , professor of computer science and statistics at Columbia University

Personal Finance, Part 1: Investing in Yourself

Course description: “Learn how to incorporate financial considerations into your life decisions and become an effective consumer of financial information.”

Developed by: Wellesley College
Instructor: Ann Witte, professor emerita of economics at Wellesley College

Retail Fundamentals

Course description: “Learn key components of the retail business, including forecasting, inventory management, product assortment planning and pricing from TuckX and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.”

Developed by: Dartmouth College

Instructor: Santiago Gallino , assistant professor of business administration at Dartmouth College

Structuring Business Agreements for Success

Course description: “Do you know the components of a business agreement? Can you bridge the information gaps necessary to meet the needs of contracting parties? In this course, you will learn the laws, principles and guidelines to structure successful business deals to meet the needs of contracting parties.”

Developed by: Cornell University

Instructor: Robert Hillman , professor of law at Cornell University

Supply Chain Dynamics

Course description: “Learn how to manage and harness the dynamics and interactions between firms and entities within a supply chain.”

Developed by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Instructor: Bruce Arntzen , executive director of the MIT Supply Chain Management Program

Many of these courses are archived, which means that students can take them at their own pace. There are also thousands of live courses that can be taken on a schedule in conjunction with other online students.

Depending on what you want to get out of your online educational experience, students can also pay fees for courses to earn official certificates. Students should also be wary of for-profit colleges that offer expensive online courses that won’t actually help them in the job market.

No matter what you decide, continuing your education online with a nonprofit accredited institution can be a cost-effective way to advance your career and expand your horizons.

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    • Business Finance Courses and Classes Overview

    Business Finance Courses and Classes Overview

    Business finance is a field of study that is widely offered at schools. Courses in this field are available at all levels – from professional development workshops to doctoral programs.

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    Essential Information

    Business finance is a field of study that deals with how corporations, organizations and small businesses handle money. There are many educational offerings in business finance, from certificates and associate degrees to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Business finance courses can be found at professional training centers, technical colleges and 4-year universities.

    Here are some common concepts taught in business finance courses:

    • Probability distributions
    • Types of marketing
    • Advanced economic theories
    • Insurance products
    • Silicon Valley and Sand Hill Road
    • Crowd funding

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Banking Related Services
    • Credit Management
    • Financial Mgmt Services
    • Financial Planning Services
    • International Finance
    • Investments and Securities
    • Public Finance Mgmt
    More Programs

    List of Business Finance Classes

    Statistics for Business Course

    A statistics course for business can be taken at an introductory or an advanced level. For those in an associate degree program, an introductory class is most appropriate. The more advanced the degree program, the more advanced the course level. A general business statistics course talks about forecasting numbers and budgets. Students look at topics like time series analysis, correlations, variance analysis and testing hypothetical financial forecasts. Statistical software may also be used in this course.

    Marketing Course

    Marketing deals with the tools and concepts used to put a company or product into the minds of consumers. A marketing course within a business finance program will cover general concepts of the marketing mix: product, price, place and promotion. Concepts in new marketing, such as social media, may also be addressed. Students explore consumer behavior, distribution processes and risk.

    Banks and Financial Institutions Course

    This course deals with banks and financial institutions all over the world. Students look at the roles of banks and lenders in business, commercial bank processes and banking or financial regulations. A large portion of time in this course is spent on risk management and commercial banks. Students also become familiar with the Federal Reserve System and international banking.

    International Finance Course

    An international finance course covers global money management topics, such as foreign exchange, international corporations, investments, international trade and regulatory policies. Students will also learn about various international problems related to different economies, and how to analyze finances for businesses dealing in international trade or markets; methods for financing foreign investments will also be addressed. This course includes teaching through case studies and analysis of current trends in international finance.

    Investments and Markets Course

    Students in an investments and marketing course learn techniques in valuation, allocation of assets and management of money portfolios. Some programs may include two separate courses: one focused on investments, the other on specific markets. Topics will also include hedge funds, managing financial risk, international markets and investments, and e-trade. Depending on the specific program, students may even learn about the value of private versus public companies, capital investments, inflation, mergers and acquisitions.

    Venture Capital Course

    Venture capital is an investment in a company or idea that has room for high yield or growth. Many times, venture capital investments are made in order to acquire shares of a company or buy the company once significant profits have been made. In a venture capital course, students learn through case studies and real-world scenarios. Budgeting capital, estimating capital costs and assessing financial performance are all covered. Students also learn about young corporations or entrepreneurial companies and the problems that face these organizations financially.

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    Finance Programs Guide

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        Kaplan University logo

        Kaplan University

        • MS in Finance – Financial Analysis

        • MS in Finance

        • MS in Finance – Financial Planning

        • MBA – Finance

        • MS in Accounting

        • MS in Accounting- Tax

        • BSFIN in Accelerated MS Finance

        • BS in Finance

        • BSFIN in General Finance

        • BS in Business Administration – Financial Analysis

        • BSFIN in Investments

        • BS in Accounting

        • AAS in Accounting

        • AAS in Business Administration

        • AAS in Business Admin-Office Management

        • Executive Leader Graduate Certificate

      • 2

        Ashford University logo

        Ashford University

        • BA in Finance

        • BA in Sports and Recreation Management – Finance

        • BA in Accounting

        • BA in Consumer and Family Financial Services

        • BA in Business Administration

        • BA in International Business

        • View more
      • 3

        Post University logo

        Post University

        • B.S. in Finance

        • B.S. in Business Administration / Accounting

        • B.S. in Finance / Corporate Finance

        • B.S. in Finance / Personal Financial Banking

        • B.S. in Accounting

        • View more
      • 4

        South College logo

        South College

        • Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting

        • Bachelor of Business Administration

        • Associate of Science in Accounting

        • Associate of Science in Business Administration

        • View more
      • 5

        Saint John's University logo

        Saint John’s University

        • Master of Science in Accounting

        • Master of Business Administration in Interdisciplinary Business

        • Master of Business Administration in Taxation

        • Master of Science in Taxation

        • Master of Business Administration in Risk Management & Insurance

        • View more
      • 6

        Southern New Hampshire University logo

        Southern New Hampshire University

        • MS in Finance

        • MBA in Finance

        • International MBA in Finance

        • MS in Finance – Investments and Securities

        • International MBA in Six Sigma Quality

        • MS in Accounting – Management Accounting

        • BS Finance

        • BS in Business Studies – Business Finance

        • BS in Accounting – Finance

        • BS in Accounting

        • BS in Business Studies – Accounting

        • AS in Business Administration

      • 7

        Georgetown University logo

        Georgetown University

        • Master of Science in Finance

        • Masters of Professional Studies in Technology Management

        • Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate

        • View more
      • 8

        American National University logo

        American National University

        • Master of Business Administration

        • Associate in Business Administration Management

        • Diploma in Accounting

        • Diploma in Business Administration

        • View more
      • 9

        Johns Hopkins University logo

        Johns Hopkins University

        • MS in Government Analytics

      • 10

        Grand Canyon University logo

        Grand Canyon University

        • Doctor of Business Administration – Management

        • MBA: Finance

        • MBA: Accounting

        • MBA

        • MBA and MS in Leadership (Dual Degree)

        • MBA: Leadership

        • MS in Leadership

        • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education

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